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For India variant, please place an option to hide the notch - same as one plus did for one plus 6. Some like notch and some doesn't.

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Tech Wizard

Hello, an excellent suggestion. You are completely right Nokia must give an option to hide the Notch because there are still so many people who don't like the Notch and want to hide it for that reason. Thank you.

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it's funny cause I think the Nokia 6.1 looks better than X6. no notch is good. pretty disappointing that a company like Nokia with rich design history is copying a notch of all things.

Tech Wizard

Hello, @cwf1 same here I also don't mind bezels at all. I think Nokia don't want to be left out and don't want to miss any chances of impressing the majority of people, so maybe that's why they adopted the Notch trend. However, bezels or no bezels at last it all comes down perspective. :)
Notch hiding has come as an option in last week's update. Choice is now with user..
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