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Some people are posting that WiFi is not working on there phone they are blending Nokia for that kindly I want to inform to all of you that Nokia has not done anything the has cause because of some issue in latest update 2.22A Stop blending Nokia every phone has problems and every phone update contains problems.

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Agree. I don't have any problems whatsoever. The Bluetooth problem was solved with the May update.

eg. The SD storage problem: Go to Settings, System, About phone, Build-number. Tap 7 times on build-number. Activate Developer options.

Go back to System. Tap Developer options. Go to Allow Apps Force External storage. (Don't know the exact English sentence). Now you can eg. in the camera app choose SD Storage as setting.
It's hidden, but possible.


except, what you're describing creates a lot of compatibility issues, really not recommended, adopatable storage needs to be officially supported

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