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8.1 update now available in aus

  i finally got an software update available notification on my phone last night (royal wedding night) it was for the update to 8.1 and nearly 2 gig. i am on virgin mobile which uses the optus network so it should at least show up on those carriers if not all of them in austalia. after the 8.1 update installed i then got another update notification for the april security update (the march one is included in the 8.1 update) it seems that vodafone is telling everyone what nokia did not want to on their site: they said a couple weeks ago that the 8.1 release for nokia 6 would be rolling out soon so soon must have meant a couple of weeks, more details on their website.

i have not had the chance to play around with my updated phone yet.

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I m one time updated software....Next time I not get security patch leval
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