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No Google mini yet?

Hi all Couple questions I bought a Nokia 7 plus, sim free from carphone warehouse on May 2nd 2018 and am currently using a Three sim only deal. I have filled in the online form to receive a free goggle mini but have not received anything yet? Just wondering if anyone has received theirs yet? Also I haven't had a single software update yet? Things are pretty smooth running but I have noticed a couple bugs such as connecting to my home WiFi and working normally to suddenly not working. Then working again after I disconnect and reconnect. Also camera issues such and not focusing properly on normal mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Got mine from three as well, nothing yet myself. It's handled my a third party not even Nokia themselves so probably won't arrive till some time in June. It seems updates for UK and Ireland aren't working properly. To get them you need to install the update manually. I'll list the steps best I can. Firstly register your phone for the android p preview on the Nokia website. Then download the 8.1 rollback file and adb sdk tools on your PC. Put your phone into recovery mode by turning it off, connecting it to your PC and holding the power + volume up button till the green android saying no command appears. Once you see that hold the power button again and press the volume up button once. A few options will appear, Click on "update from ADB". That's all you need to do with the phone, now for the PC. Put the roll back file in the same folder as adb is in. When your in that folder right click on adb with your mouse and the option to open with command prompt should appear, click it and enter "adb devices" it will say sideload beside your device then type "adb sideload" or what ever your rollback file is called and it will install it then without even wiping any data. I hope these steps are helpful. I do recommend watching some YouTube videos to get a better idea. It's simple to do after you've done it once

I bought my 7+ directly from the Nokia site. There is a page on the site where you fill in your IMEI and Nokia will send you your Mini. I have still not received mine yet but I have filled in the form.

Not received mine yet either. Same thing with the Google home and the updates. Just wait and see, maybe you'll get them, maybe not

Re: Google Home mini

See Nokia terms:

"The Google Home Mini will be despatched (sic) to customer within 28 days of redemption."

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