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Nokia 8 problems on Oreo 8.1 version

I’m not happy at all with my Nokia 8 after Oreo 8.1 upgrade, Dot notification is not working there is no Dot and no counter for any kind of notification (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook,.....) also notification sound is not coming for all. 


I have reset factory my Nokia 8 5 times since I bought it, then I did a downgrade to Android 7 I noticed there is no such issues, all notifications where coming properly with counter dot on each icon.


But there was a ready update only waiting for a restart, I tried to not restart my device but it happened and I’m now again suffering of very bad Mobile Nokia 8 with latest Android is my worse thing I did in my life


Need your help urgently 



Sound Notification issues (not coming) randomly with no reason why

Dot Notification is not working

Audio poor quality

Camera hanging

Ear phone jack is not working properly

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Hello, Look, i think you might have some incompatible aps, or you have a broken phone, because you have looong list of critical issues ... . Also, i am not really sure how you've downgraded to 7 ... Does this this happen immediately after factory restore, or aftet you've installed your normal apps?
Hi The downgrade to 7 is done by changing mobile motherboard as per maintenance shop feedback, and they told me as if we gave you a new device now try it and don't upgrade it !! Yes on version 7 almost everything was perfect but in the background I know that upgrade is ready for installation just waiting for any restart. Believe me that without installing any app, just on pure Oreo 8.1 after update completion and restart immediately I did not see any Dot notification for SMS. Then after installing WhatsApp, email, Facebook,.... Notification Dot and sound problem will be general for all apps including SMS I can share video with u for comparison between the two versions on my mobile. Plz advise

Tech Wizard

Poor quality audio and the earphone jack not working properly are possible mechanical defects. Did something happen to the phone?
(If you broke it you pay for the repair, else it is covered by the warranty).

The dot notifications on app shortcuts do not display a counter since the Oreo updates. This is normal and expected.

For the rest I suggest set up the phone fresh, without restoring a backup and without automatic installation of your apps. Only add your Google account, and let the phone update itself and all built-in apps on a reliable WiFi before doing anything else.

Google's backup/restore feature is sadly not reliable in my experience. Restoring a backup from a previous OS version (or worse, a different phone) can introduce several issues, including missing or unstable notifications.

A poor quality or too slow SD memory card spoils everything.
Please set up and use the phone without SD card to avoid issues and see how fast the phone really is. Even a UHS-1 speed class U3 is much slower than the internal memory in Nokia 8.

The advice you got from the service centre is poor and not valid.
Using the phone with a previous OS version is not supported when an update is available for the particular phone variant and mobile operator.


Dots notification is not showing any dots and not working although in the notification settings for notification is enabled. Very sad that there is no counter in the new version, it is really very bad update which is basic in all other mobiles in this universe except for Nokia !!! I wish I would know why this was decided for whatever reason it is very poor. I'm not restoring any backups. Mobile is fresh just after the update or after the factory reset I'm not having DOTS. Also mobile is not broken never even scrashed and fyi I'm not using any SD cards
Better to consider counter dots notification and check / fix the not showed dots notification on Oreo 8.1 This is really very bad I get lost with Nokia 8 and Ive wasted lot of my time setup my new mobile every time after reset factory !!!!!!!! Waiting Nokia 8 support feedback plz urgently plz take it seriously with your developers and keep dots counters
There is no counter for the number of messages received in Oreo 8.1 this is normal for aosp android and the stock launcher. You can get this functionality back by changing your launcher. Try looking at Nova Launcher in the play store if you want this feature. You seem to have a lot of things wrong with your phone, this is not normal, try a factory reset and do not restore your phone from any backup when you set it up, just log into your Google account. Unfortunately when you restore from a backup you will end up with apps that are not designed for your Nokia 8 especially if you had another android phone previously, these apps can make things unstable. I've found Oreo 8.1 to be very stable on the Nokia 8, far superior to Nougat, I found the initial android 7 firmware to be very buggy, Oreo 8.1 resolved nearly all the issues.

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Looking at those issues I can safely say that 99-100% of them are most certainly software as I have Oreo on my Nokia 8 with no issues whatsoever. The notification dots are NOT a counter they simply notify you that a particular app has a notification, that's all.

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