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Headphone jack

Headphone jack not working properly after the security patch update for may 2018.

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I too am having a head phone jackbproblem. Since the first update. Just bought the phone in may 3rd. Not sure if that is related to software update or a hardware issue. I need to insert headphone multiple times for it to work.
I too bought my phone on 5th may...and after the recent update for security patch may 2018 it's reacting like this. I consulted the support chat(Moin).And he said there might be a bug in the software...and would be resolved very soon.Very upset with this defect.
Yup. This bug is there.
U sure that this will be resolved soon enough...I don't think so....cus there won't be another update until next month(security patch).
Most probably they should fix it in next update. There are many more bugs in the software. Not sure though. Only Nokia can tell this.
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