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Volume button problem

 The volume up button my 7+ has gone squishy. It's lost it's click. It still works but you have to press a little harder to make it work and also, you don't quite know when it's actually been pressed. If I press it say like 10 times, it gets the click back but after not pressing it, the click is gone.

The volume down button is getting worse too. My Lumia 1020 had this problem with the power button, so did my wife's and my Lumia 930 (power button). I also know the Lumia 920s had this problem too. Nokia must have bad designs on their buttons. My Huawei P9 didn't have problems with buttons, neither does my wife's P10.

It's actually really anoyying cause I like my phone to be in perfect condition. Nokia has terrible customer care too and I'll have to sennd it away, wait 10 weeks and I can guarantee I won't get my phone replaced.

Anyone else have this issue? Phone is about a month old.

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 Does no one have this problem? My volume down button is getting worse too since yesterday.

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