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If the X6 has a glass back, please add wireless charging

I understand the X6 will have a glass back, and I'm a big fan of Qi wireless charging. I liked being able to set my old phone down on the charging puck whenever I sat down at my desk, without actually thinking about it. I understand the challenge of combining wireless charging with solid aluminum bodies. But if the X6 has a glass back, why not? The fact that it's slower than wired charging isn't a big deal. Wired quick charging is still available when it's needed.

Tech Wizard

Hello, @AkBrian given that the Nokia X6 is bound to be a midrange device, I think it won't be possible for Nokia to implement wireless charging in that price range. Although it would be good to see a midrange device supporting wireless charging and Nokia being the first to implement it, I don't see this happening now maybe after a long time. Wireless charging is more of a feature on flagship devices. If you really want a wireless charging from Nokia, you can look into Nokia 8 Sirocco, this flagship device has wireless charging and many more features. Thank you.
Wireless charging actually isn't very expensive. A charging coil is less than $10us, retail.

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Tech Wizard

Really, then I don't know why Nokia is not implementing Wireless Charging on midrange devices. The Lumia Series did a great job by doing that and I think they should do it now too to stand out from the crowd. Since, HMD Nokia and Nokia Lumia is made by 2 different manufacturer's maybe there motives has changed drastically.
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