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Software update problem

Sir I am using Nokia 2 .in my device the new updates not coming.but my elder brother is also use Nokia 2 in his mobile updates device last update is March security patch . please give solution

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Tech Wizard

Hello, do you and your brother use same carrier services? And also if you guys have different model of Nokia 2 then that may also vary the time of updates for the devices. However I suggest you to go to Settings and inside apps tap show system apps. Then search for Google Services Framework and tap storage and tap clear data. After that you can check if the update arrives on your phone now. Thank you.
is any idea to get april security update on nokia 2?

Tech Wizard

Hello , @user1523345365061 did you try the same thing I said before?

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yes, i did.

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Tech Wizard

Hello, sorry if I couldn't solve your problem. The updates depends on the region, carrier networks and many other circumstances. So sorry I couldn't be of much help.
I too am stuck at March security patch. It's very annoying
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