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MeeGo OS based on android for all nokia devices

Nokia N9 was powered by MEEGO OS. Which is one of the most powerful operating system than android. Now, its time that NOKIA should bring back to its MeeGo os based on android. Just like samsung having its touchwiz os. Those who are agree with me. support me. We want MeeGo OS based on android.

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May be a new meego os based on sailfish os on new series of smartphone which we may call n series.

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TLDR: I agree with you wish in general, but there are some specifics that I don't agree with :)

I don't want MeeGo OS based on Android, because that would be a waste. MeeGo (or, actually, what Nokia made was Maemo Harmattan which was API compatible with MeeGo) was more like a GNU/Linux distribution than Android. Nokia used Glibc (I think), not Bionic, and used QT not the Android Runtime or Alien Dalvik.

So, MeeGo doesn't need most of Android, only really the Linux kernel and a few other driver type pieces of software.

The closest thing to what you describe is Sailfish OS. It is a development of Maemo Harmattan, based on the Mer project, changed to RPM package management instead of APT/DEB (I think), a different UI (because Nokia wouldn't licence the Swipe UI to them) and although it does run on an Android base it doesn't use the Android Runtime etc, instead it uses Libhybris to interface the Glibc parts of Mer with the Bionic drivers of Android.

I realise that what I wrote is not really supporting your suggestion, but in principle I do support it!

Cheers :)

I need help, support, links for my N9. I'm using it on T-Mobile in California. I can send texts but I can't recieve them. The reason I use an N9 is because I wanted a phone made in Finland and not made in China. I really wish Nokia would make more phones in Finland. And the meego software is really great, it would be awesome if you made a new N9 just like the old one and improved the software. I think it's better than my iPhone SE. Anyways could you please pass along any helpful information for support of this product? One problem I'm having is I can't log into a Nokia ovi account as the phone requires for many of the services to work. I did however make an account with Nokia and that didn't work on the phone. Any suggestions?

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Ah, alas many things have changed since the N9 was sold. It was obviously the biggest mistake Nokia made to stop developing Maemo, Meego-Harmattan etc. I don't know why you can't receive texts, but the best place to ask is actually the Microsoft forums: Ovi accounts were closed about 5 years ago so none of them work anymore - another thing that we wish Nokia would bring back. The account on this Nokia website is not related at all to the Ovi account. I hope you work out how to receive texts, the N9 is still a great phone to us even though it was released 5 years ago.

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I wrote a reply but it's awaiting moderator sportively which won't happen until Monday since it's the weekend now. Even "community heroes" aren't above the law ;) I feel your pain. For your SMS problem I suggest asking on the Microsoft forums because it is actually Microsoft who support the N9 now (weird I know) or their contractor B2X but their service is terrible. There is no fix for the Ovi account, that is a long story too. Oh how the world could have been so different...

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Now, Who wants that Nokia should use Meego OS skin in their android line up just like Samsung has touch wiz UI ? Like this comment.. We have to reach this massage to HMD Globle. We want Meego OS based on Android back..
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