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High energy consumption

Standby mode used 12% of battery. How I can fix it?

Tech Wizard

The first page of Settings > Battery may be more informative regarding what is using battery? - Some third-party apps can affect the standby power drain a lot.

Also please make sure all system apps and built-in apps is updated to their latest versions, in Play Store > My apps.

The Carrier Settings app, your mobile operator, the mobile technology they use, and their coverage also affect the standby power drain.


uninstall Facebook and messenger..yeah :)

1 person likes this But the Nokia 5 doesn't have same problem.

I'm noticing very high energy consumption aswel.  Factory rested phone and tested with YouTube.

YouTube consumes 1%-2% of battery a minute!  

Most of the energy seems to go to system processes.

Tested for quite some time.  Even idleling on the home screen consumer 1% a minute.

This may seem like a silly question but what is your mobile signal like as that can have an effect on battery life even on standby?

Reception is very good.  I don't think this is the problem because when i don't use my phone, like while i sleep, there is no battery drain.

This is likely being caused by an app that has been installed and misbehaving. If you factory reset again, login to your Google account but do not restore anything at all. Set it up as a new device, see how it runs then. The problem with restoring your apps is if you have another android phone it will also install apps specifically designed for that phone as well. These are often incompatible with other devices and cause no end of trouble.

Tech Wizard

Nokia 8 cannot drain the battery at 1-2% per minute if it is healthy.

I've use Nokia 8 for photo/video recording and edit/upload of photos and videos for around 5 hours without draining the battery completely, and had to let it cool down a couple of times (it was a hot day).
From memory 4-5 hours is also what the gamers achieve on a Nokia 8.

From your description I suspect a faulty battery and suggest claim the warranty for proper evaluation.

I know, that was my experience as well. I was amazed by the battery life when if got the phone. (4weeks ago). But the last week the battery drained insanely fast. The weird thing was at night it drained normal. 1 or 2 percent in the course of 6-7 hours. I'm still not sure what caused the fast drain, a software or hardware issue. I found similar remarks by Pixel users after 8.1 rolled out to them. Cpu-z told me one CPU (4cores) were constantly firing at 2,3 GHz. Still, not sure if this is a hardware problem or android just going crazy. I send back my Nokia 8 and am now using a Nokia 6. Even weirder, the Nokia 6 seems to show the same insane battery drain. I have one app installed which is WhatsApp, that's it.

Tech Wizard


Please take the advice from user1507208628483 and try set up the phone as new without restoring a backup. Also please refer to my reply on your post elsewhere regarding missing tones after the factory reset.
If the ringtone issues or the unusual rapid battery drain persist I suggest have the phone inspected by a qualified technician.


I suggest to not worry too much about the battery statistics. It is always approximate and it can be wrong.
In one of the previous Android versions, my Nokia 6 reported a lot of power being used by Bluetooth, but it would last the usual 2-3 days of my normal use on one recharge.
Also please note, in the advanced battery stats, if the phone is mostly standby then most of the power will be reported as used for standby.

I normally recharge the phone every morning, also if it still has 70% power. It does not hurt the battery and makes sure the phone has enough power for a busy day.



I did a fresh start twice.  No solution.  I have send my Nokia 8 in for repair.

@user1507208628483 Ok, I'll try reset without restore. @user389 This is make a sense, but the battery is discharging.

Tech Wizard

In your screenshot an app called NetCam is running for 5 hours 8 minutes and report 2% power use. Please notice this app (and also Deezer) can cause more standby power consumption, that only appear in the total standby power consumption and not for the app itself.
It depends on the apps, and on how Android do the power statistic.

If you need the apps that are installed, and get a couple of days normal use on one recharge, then I suggest not worry about it, honestly.


I think I finally found my battery drain!

Since last thursday the problem became even worse.  About 1% battery used every 5 minutes, when idle sitting on the counter, screen turned off.

This is my graph for friday:


As you can see very fast decline and almost none to apps.

The little gap is me trying a reboot hoping to stop the rapid decline but no success.

I connected the charger popped my SIM card out (I was on call and had to mow the lawn) and put it in an old phone.

The exact same thing happend!  Phone became very hot and was discharging like crazy.  I used this phone before as a MP3 player and I knew it had stellar battery live using only Spotify (1% in 2 hours!)

So disconnected the charger from the Nokia 6 (see graph above) and popped my wife's SIM in the phone.

As you can see the problem disappears.  

Got a new SIM card today and now after 4 hours of mediocre use it only dropped about 9% 

I'm so happy i finally found the problem.  Never thought it could be a faulty SIM.

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