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Yellow tint on the bottom of the screen

I have a slight yellow tint towards the bottom of my screen, it affects about 1/5 of the screen. It is only visible it light backgrounds, like the keyboard or the settings menu. Is this something that will be fixed via software or should I ask for a replacement?

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This is a common issue faced by almost all users and pretty popular in china. It might be present in all units where it went unnoticed by few users.
Not sure if its hardware issue or something which can be fixed by software update.

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Tech Wizard

Hello @Vibhor is this issue present only in China? I believe its a software issue since Nokia 7 Plus has a LCD screen. I think they just need to do some display adjustment and push out an update on all the devices to fix this.

This is present in indian units as well. There is another thread for the same discussion. Since this is a first device from nokia with 6'' screen , may be the screen itself is faulty , or can be fixed with firmware update of screen.

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From what I've heard it seems the issue is not 100% same on every unit, so I believe a "one fix for all" will not have the same effect on each unit, I hope Nokia will allow for a bootloader unlock, and we can start working on a fix on our own, to maybe target the yellow-ish area individually.

My tint is minor, but still noticeable on white and bright screens, but it seems this issue is somewhat common, so I dare not get mine replaced.

My unit is European.

Tech Wizard

This seems like the same kind of issue that the Google Pixel 2 devices have faced. It also had multiple number of issue with the display with different users facing different problems. However Pixel 2 XL had a pOLED screen and Nokia 7 Plus has a LCD screen. I don't know what difference will it make on the process of solving these display issues. Google fixed their problem with a software update so I think Nokia can too. And also Nokia 7 Plus 's issues seems minor over Google Pixel 2 devices.

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This is what the response they gave when I contacted customer care regarding the yellowish tint.

In response to your concern regarding in Nokia 7 Plus, we would like to inform you that kindly follow below mentioned steps:


1. Dial *#*#372733#*#* 


2. Click on pixel color test and check it.


3. Try to perform Factory Data Reset (After taking proper backup of all your important data).


4. Visit service center to perform software update after taking proper backup and with original bill and there should no physical liquid cosmetic damage in device else warranty will be denied by service center side .


For nearest Service Center location kindly visit: .


However, if still facing any issue we request you to kindly visit the Service Center and call us our Nokia Mobile Care at the Toll Free Number 1800-102-8169 so that we can assist you in best possible manner.


And they closed the complaint even without asking me if it was fixed or not.


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This is the standard service response you can expect from any customer care. At most you can get the device replaced from nokia if it cannot be resolved by service center. Them also this issue mat be there in the replacement unit.

So you are suggesting we have to keep on requesting replacements for our phones till we find one with no issues ?

We brought phone worth Rs 26000 and now we have to run around to service centers at our cost to fix the display which is not our fault.

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I would like to hear if Nokia will be addressing this issue with software updates, or if this is a hardware defect, and the only way is to get it replaced, because in that case, I better start getting replacements.

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This is not acceptable. I don't think replacing the unit will resolve this issue as many devices have this common people. At most service center can hard reset or replace the screen. In worst case they will go for replacement. If this is really an issue with the display you may get a perfect unit in case you are lucky. But looking at the current state we can hope for a software update for the fix.

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Hello guys, I'm facing of the same issue. I would expect that Nokia will hear us and is going to do something if it can be managed by a software update ... To add more information, the phone has been bought in France, so it seems that's a world wide problem ...
Are you sure it's not a backlighting issue ? Looks like uneven back illumination of the screen ..mine seems ok for now, probably a very very light off tint , but as I don't like the handset I'm not too fussed

If it is an uneven back-lighting issue, I believe, it can be fixed via software with a display firmware rewrite.

If thats the case, then it can be fixed via an OTA.

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