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No facebook, google maps, etc. on 8110 4G

Recently bought 8110 4G, it doesn't have Facebook, twitter, google maps, etc. preinstalled, it's not even in app store.

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I even have no App Store.

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I inserted a sim card in the primary slot but the store did not appear also the three pre installed games are missing too does anyone know how to fix this?

 KaiOS Technologies told me that Nokia puts a restriction so that only "valid' SIM cards make it possible to activate the KaiStore. I don't know what a "valid" SIM card means although I am assuming that it is one that has not been tampered with.

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Luckily, I have solved the problem already, with the help of Nokia and KaiOS:

1. Per Nokia, "the app store for this model has restrictions on certain apps for different regions and countries".
2. That hints me the lock of app should be related to countries issuing the SIM.
3. Nokia recommend me to contact KaiOS to solve the problem.

4. At the same time, I discovered that after I change another SIM issued from another country and plugged the SIM in slot 1, App Store appears.

5. Confirmed with KaiOS, "...... there will be an update that will remove the restrictions and some issues which restrict devices from accessing the Store and/or downloading apps." 

6. An update in mid Jun also increases the app like Google Map.

So, maybe you can check if your frameware is updated or not.

Wish the information above helps.

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So which countries can access the store?

after updating Firmware, all countries should able to access the app store

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 Hi Guys!

Interestingly I had the app store before I inserted any SIM card into the phone. I use it in Hungary, updated today to v12.

I have no facebook app, bu the rest you mentioned I have. I hope we will get whatsapp soon too and the rest of the apps without any restrictions. :)

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