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Poor build quality

I bought this Nokia 6 in August'17. Nokia was my all time favourite since childhood. I have sentiments attached with the brand. And the entry of Nokia in the markets was a big thing for me. So I bought this Nokia 6 after watching the ad which said full metal aluminium body and what not. The phone slipped off my hand once or twice. And now I have the screen cracked. It no longer comes under warranty. And the service centre is asking INR 5500 to repair it. I can easily get a new phone by adding 5500 more. It is request to the company please look into the matter. Improve the build quality and help the customers get their phones repaired in a small amount!

I do not see anything there which supports the assertion of "poor build quality". The advertised an all metal body, and that's exactly what you got. They advertised Gorilla glass, and you got that as well. They did not advertise "indestructible, will never break when dropped". Gorilla glass is very high performance, highly resistant to damage, arguably the best technology currently available for consumer products; but it's still a very thin sheet of breakable glass when used as a phone screen. As far as cost goes, they have to replace both the LCD and the glass (they are a single combined / bonded component). The screen is one of the most expensive parts of the phone, and replacement requires the services of a skilled technician.
Build Is good enough. LCD panel is costliest . Come to Kolkata . Service centre replaced my screen for Free.
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