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No Dot notification counter in Oreo 8 !!!

After upgrade my Nokia 8 to Oreo 8 version; notification counter disappeared !!! This can't be called upgrade in any means, Oreo version has many incompatible issues with Nokia 8. As seems never tested by anyone except real users !!!!

If you want fast updates then sadly you have to put up with the stuff Google pumps out, you could always get something like a Motorola and receive one OS update a year if you are lucky, however it will have been thoroughly soak tested.

It will be fixed when Google fix it, not when Nokia fix it.

If you are using a non-default launcher, notification dots may not work unless the launcher is updated for Oreo; Google changed the API for that. If you are seeing dots without numbers, that is intended behaviour, not a bug; Android no longer gives a count, changed by Google for Oreo. As for Lenorola, my previous phone from them got zero updates over its entire lifespan; they just decided that customers would get no real software support. They did not even put out a proper update to fix a remotely exploitable and widely known public vulnerability in their LSF garbage (the update for that had to be manually located and sideloaded, if you happened to be aware of it), and even then their supposedly fixed version was being abused to send spam adverts for dubious apps that looked like malware. So, I refute all assertions that Lenorola thoroughly soak test anything!
I completely agree. This is a massive loss of functionality compared to the counter type dots. How can we give that feedback to Google?
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