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Phone started hanging

My ohone started hanging. Its been only 4 days i got this mobile and it hangs like anything. The screen stucks and i am not able to do anything. Is it happening with others also ?? RAM is working 75%, is this okay ??

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Does it recover when you lock and unlock it?
Yes, it started working fine when i locked and unlocked it. But after sometime while watching youtube video it freeze again.
Are you using Blackberry Work app by any chance?
No, i am not using this app. Infect i have not installed apps other than ola and uber.
Someone reports on this forum that May patch resolved this issue (build 2.22A), however doesnt help for me. Probably should go for the warranty repair or return.
Naah....its not working for me either.... Return is not possible because it is applicable only with in 10 days from the date of order. Only option left is warranty repair.
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