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Camera flash light problem

Nokia 7 plus camera flash light problem for night photography the people eyes highlights dark red colour any suggestions

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It happens due to the dual tone dual LED flash.
Aniket Thakur what is it with you people giving bad information all the time? The red eye isn't due to having a dual tone led flash, it happens with single source flash too...the built in camera app doesn't have an option for red eye reduction I don't think, the red eye reduction would basically be like a way of pre-flashing to reduce the size of the subjects pupils, in order to reduce red eye. You could try something like Snapseed app too see if that has a red eye reduction option , which obviously is post capture and not at time of capture not always perfect
You can buy little attachment flashes which plug into your headphone jack , which would offset the flash maybe and also reduce red eye a little .
It's common for all devices even with dslrs you can use snapseed for red eye reduction.
aaaaa...aaaaa, I'm talking about reddish tint in the image not red eye. Its my fault that I haven't mention in detail. I'm not giving bad information, I'm just sharing my experience & issues.

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As for the flash giving an orange tint to images, mine works fine, but you could try using pro mode and using different white balance settings , which would help control the colour temperature a bit more when using the flash. But as I mentioned , you could buy those little attachment flash units that plug in to headphone jacks, be careful and look at the different kinds though, some seem cooler and some warmer , I personally use pro mode on my Nokia and use the iso and white balance settings and never get colour temperature issues , even on my digital SLR cameras I've never had red eye, but I never use built in flash either
Aniket Thakur Original post said eyes highlight red, which means red eye They didn't say image had red / orange tint Either one is an easy fix
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