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Voice unlock

Why is it not possible to unlock the device by voice? Worked perfectly on my old nexus 5x, didn't work on my Samsung but I expected it working on an android one phone. This 7 plus looks like a worse choice of phone with each passing day...

You can't unlock your device using voice if you have set fingerprint authentication or pin or password or pattern lock.
But I could on the nexus 5x. That is the whole point of having a trusted voice and the whole point of smart unlock.

 i would like this feature too, but to say this phone is a bad choice with every passing day is very exaggerated.

It's one of many issues I've had with this phone. I accept a certain amount of compromises given the price point but all the issues I've had are software related. I got my dates mixed up regarding how much time I had to return it for refund and now they won't take it back so I'm stuck with it and it does feel like every day I've found another issue. And considering its 3 months behind on software I don't hold out much hope of software fixes...
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