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Updates. How often?

My phone is suffering from the random reboots since May 2018 updates issue.

Since this is almost certainly software related, if I somehow make the 1 hour drive to my "local" service center during 9-5 when I am at work, or do without my phone for an unspecified period of time so my kids' childcare cannot call me in an emergency, while the service center look at the phone (and, I dunno, wait for the next update...? while removing the $10 glass protector meaning I have to buy another one etc etc) I was wondering if it was worth just waiting to see if the next update fixes the problem? If this is going to be in a month or so it is probably worth waiting.

Ideally an updates need to get to our device every month. However what concerns me is if this issue would get addressed in that update. I was contemplating going to the service center (during my 9-5) but decided against it and would leverage on my mobile data till the time we hear back conclusively from Nokia. I have a standby (OP5T) just in case i exceed my tolerance levels.

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Like i write in Others Threads, in my Case the issue hot away with turning of the LTE and Switch to 3G.
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