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Nokia E5 - Support Software Installation Failed - upon connect with Nokia Suite

need help... My Nokia E5 has an error "Support Software Installation Failed" upon connect it to Nokia Suite. Nokia E5 is supposed to be prompted on screen "accept all installation requests on your phone"... but nothing show up on the phone and the phone ended up failing to install support software. I have another Nokia E5 which already installed this long ago. Do you think some sort of cloning or copying will work?Can someone guide me the steps if you have the solution?

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Tech Wizard

It has to do with expired certificates on the phone.

You can try set the date and year back to 2013 on the phone, and you may have to run Nokia Suite in 'Windows 7' compatibility mode on the PC.

It is not exact science. Both the E5 phone and Nokia Suite is obsolete and officially unsupported for years. However, please refer to Microsoft Answers regarding legacy Nokia phones. This is where the archive of posts from the original Nokia Discussions is found and where a few enthusiasts is still active.

A relevant thread may be:

- or do a search for 'support software installation failed' in Microsoft Answers.

I hope you get it sorted out.


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