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SD Card Coroupted

I placed a brand new 64Gb Class 10 SD Card into my Nokia 5, the card instantly became corrupted.

After 2 weeks of email ping pong with Nokia 6 days ago Nokia sent a solution and declared the problem solved and closed the ticket.  I have been emailing them to reopen the ticket, no response.

Pasted below is a screen shot from my initial chat with NOKIA over 2 weeks ago and despite this NOKIA have nothing to say about it,

I don;t want money just a replacement 64GB card (not a Class 10 obvs), am I asking too much?


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 I have a samsung class 10 card with a read speed of 44mbps, it corrupted that card, luckily I managed to revive it. I purchased a Sandisk with a read spead of 80mbps, this seems to be working perfectly, no issues at all. The Nokia 5 seems to have issue with slow cards, if you have a slow card rather used it as storage and not the other option.

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