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Mobile network not connecting after May security update

I haven't been able to use Mobile data after newest security update. If I look About Phone -> Status -> .., there Mobile Network state is either connecting or disconnected. Ihave tried following actions already:

1. Use different slot

2. Use different SIM card

3. Factory reset

Any ideas or has anyone else experienced this behaviour?

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I have the same problem !! Factory reset was no solution and i have also changed my SIM, but the problem still exists. I got the update to android 8.1 with the may security update.


Hi everyone 

We have a  fix available now. Here are the steps that should help you out. 

1) Connect your device to Wi-Fi 

2) Restart the phone

3) When you restart the phone again and  it connects to the Wi-Fi again a fix is downloaded to the phone (there is no notification to the user that a fix would have been downloaded) 

Hope this solves your issues.


Best regards, 


Hi Laura,

Above fix is for WiFi connectivity issue or mobile network connectivity issue? Please confirm. 


Hi Tuphan,

For the mobile network issue, that's why it is posted here :) 

When I get a fix/updated for the Wi-Fi issue I'll post it immediately in the right topic. 

Best regards, 


Thanks for your confirmation. 

Hi Laura, Thank you for your help. But i am sorry, the bug fix does NOT work. Same situation as before the procedure, no mobile data !!! Is it possible to uninstall the may security update anyway? There is no Nokia service center in my region and i have bought the phone online. I can't use the phone at the moment !!! Best regards

 I have the same issue with a Nokia 3 TA-1020 that after an Oreo 8.0 update and then May security update, now can't connect to mobile data in the UK, but I also get an issue where the screen and apps freeze after you have left WiFi coverage and then work when you are back in WiFi coverage, but no mobile data. Have tried factory resets etc, Is there an issue with the May update and Oreo 8?? P.S sorry to barge into a N6.1 forum,but the issues are suspiciously like the N3.

I confirm also, that fix is not working, if it was downoaded with reboot.

You may want to check if your APN is configured properly. Mobile data works well for me


Hi everyone, 


So sorry there was a mistake from my side. The fix is for Telia provider. 


I will try to get some info when a fix is available for other provider. 


Sorry again for my miscommunication


Best regards, 


Hi Laura one note for the bugfix: in my service providers office there is a mobile radio transmitter mounted and i have a 4G connection there. Seems this is similar to the WIFI bug. Best regards @shiwik: APN settings are correct.
Any news Laura? Still waiting....thx


Hello,I merged this topic into this >one<.