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Getting 14 day refund. Customer chat support is terrible

Has anyone had any luck contacting customer support via the chat facility and attaining refund for purchased devices?

4 days ago contact was made with customer support, no contact has been given back on how refund will take place.

There is no reference number for the conversations made, no contact details for customer support, no email given, NOTHING!! 

How can a company of this size not even have a customer support line that works??


Hi Cheungo7plus 

I’m sorry  to hear you’re facing issues with the support chat. I don’t have any insights in orders and refunds so I suggest contacting the support via eMail (>here<)  and state already information like Order number, reason of return and shipping address in the first eMail so they can proceed quickly. 

As I stated in some other topics, we are not Nokia but HMD and HMD is actually still quite small and we still have to learn and improve. But I totally understand your disappointment and I hope that the eMail will help you. 

Best regards, 


Hi Laura,

I appreciate your quick reply. 
I have unfortunately already tried all the options the website allows mentioned on the page you've linked.

Ive not had any response by email, no follow up via chats.

At this rate i will be speaking to legal representatives and the bank in order to pursue refund of monies paid for an unsatisfactory product.

Its such a shame as the device marketing made this look to be such a good device... the forum is riddled in comments from users all over the globe facing problems with the device with no resolution for any of us...

So another ridiculous situation...

I have been on a chat window speaking to "someone" at nokia customer support...

During the chat the person has changed?! no wonder no one can even help at this ridiculous company!!


Community Hero

That's very disappointing to hear. It's in Nokia's interests to make sure that HMD are providing good customer support otherwise it damages the reputation of the Nokia brand.

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