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No 'Rapid Charge' available and screen is unresponsive

I am facing these 2 issues from the past 2 days and my phone is just 4 days old. :(

Post the 'May' update, when i connect my Nokia charger to charge my phone it displays 'charging rapidly' and after few seconds it just displays 'charging' and it takes more time to charge compared to rapid charge.

Also another issue is that sometimes the screen is 'unresponsive'. I need to lock and unlock the device to get back to normal. And this is happening now frequently.

Is anyone facing these issues ? Has anyone got it resolved ?. If yes can you'll please provide the solution here.

Thanks in Advance :)

If you got touch issues, contact Nokia support through chat or call. It can be a hardware issue. They may replace your device.

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Yes.. only screen off condition will enable rapid charging.. while u r using it ll go for 1 amps charging..its done to decrease heating issues
@puneet: i spoke through chat.. They told me to factory reset. I don't know if that would resolve my issue. And if it doesn't then it puts me in a worry whether i recieved a faulty unit 
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