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Touch unresponsive

Hello I am facing the touch unresponsive problem since last 14 days. My device touch is unresponsive several times. When it is unresponsive I just off the screen with power button then again press power button/double tap for screen wakeup and then touch works fine. I have tired all the solutions which was given by Nokia customer team and I have visit to Nokia care center also they reinstalled the software but problem still resist. Anyone one facing same issue ?

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Weird problem, you should get a replacement.

I have the same problem since I did a full recovery, before that had never happened. Did you get fixed?

I am also facing the same issue. Did you get it resolved?

In my case, I did not solve the problem, I installed the preview of the Android P developer and the issue persist, I installed Android 8.1 again and the problems persist although it is not very frequent, however the problem is still there.

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I am facing the same issues. I notice this priblem and network problem started after june security updates. I think its a bug .

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Reply from Nokia Chat:

Thank you for your feedback. We acknowledge this bug. At the moment is being investigated.. For now i'm not able to give you to solution of the problem, but stay tuned, please. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I understand you, but we do not have that kind of information at the moment. Once we find the solution for this bug, we are going to announce it. So stay tuned, please

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There is another thread in forum with same issue i would suggest you to upvote that too as it had gathered about 13 votes already. Combined vote help raising voice more efficiently.......... In my understanding companies seems to use different hardware versions of display in exactly same device manufactured by different contracting companies, this change in hardware cause compatibility issue, which is most likely the case here, A software update can easily fix it. But question remains When???

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