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Phone's dead and no repair services

Bought it 16 days ago and the phone was working fine until today, It just freezed while I was checking my messages, now the phone is dead. It doesn't boot. I tried everything: Holding power button, connecting to the charge, Power button + volume Up key (holding about 20s), all the keys together, any combination and nothing. Just a black screen    

But the worse part is customer services: I emailed them and I'm still waiting. I could chat with "Nokia mobile care" and they told me to contact the seller, I explained to the chat bot or human that I've contacted Best Buy and they told me about the 14 days to return so they couldn't do anything so I 've to contact Nokia about the warranty but Nokia mobile care told that they can't do anything either because my phone is not currently supported through the online repair service.    

So what I have to do? I'm very frustrated and disappointed with Nokia. 

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