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The headphone jack 3.5 opposite working

Dear Nokia, I have just updated android 8.1 on may soon and i have found that the headphone jack 3.5 working improperly way. When i plugin headphone jack 3.5 the sound has play through the out speaker, when i unplug the headphone it's no sound, it loops like this since i updated. Please fix it.

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I also facing the same problem, but I still cant find out what kind of setting will lead to this result, is that the problem of the software( Android 8.1) or the hardware fault? 

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Hope Nokia will fix it soon.

 Same issue here. When it occurs, the only workaround is to restart the phone... until the problem occurs again. Very annoying.

Already reported. The only way to listen is either through bluetooth headphones or through the loudspeaker itself...

I´m curious to see how Nokia address this issue. if not, i´m going straight back to motorola for sure ;)

Same problem, and every time i have to restart my phone to make it work properly.
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