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Headphone jack not working properly

I just bought Nokia 7 plus few days ago and I m facing a problem. My headphone jack is not working properly.maybe earphone not fitted.

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Me too, it does not fit on the head phone jack

I am also facing same issue

"Use the force." No really, I had the same issue. I had to push really hard the first few times before it finally clicked into the jack as it should. Now it's working as it should.
Does the pin goes inside the hole fully or some portion remain outside

I also noted the same issue in my Nokia 7 Plus.

There is a problem with headset. It does not work properly.Sometimes the headset is inserted but does not work.Sometimes when it is inserted, the phone speaker still the one that works, or sometimes my speaker phone does not work I have to insert the headset and then the speaker phone will work instead the headset. I need to always restart my phone to fix the problem. I told the seller about this problem but they don't know anything about the issue. Thank you!!!

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Just insert all 4 pins of headphone into headphone jack with littel force and when the 4th pin inserted into the headphone jack your hear the click sound and then you enjoy the headphone and receive call and use your mic

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Insert the pin will little force till the end of works fine for call & songs. I was also facing same problem for the first 2/ it is resolved

I tried to plug in the headphones supplied with the phone which is less than a week old for the first time this evening, but the olug will not go all the way in, the sound only works if i hold the plug in the phone.


I had the same issue. The jack has to be adjusted till it work properly and even after that the mic is not working
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