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Camera updates

Will Nokia update the camera anytime soon? I know the 7 Plus is a midrange phone but the camera is performing at the very lowest level of entry phones. I have a feeling that there's a lot more capabilities in the camera that aren't used properly. If I use the pro mode it is improving dramatically so the abilities of the camera is great, but the pro mode is not usable when you quickly want to take a few pictures.

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i agree with you. I didn't like the camera on 7 plus as well. The hardware is present but the main problem seems to be the software. I see a lot of oversharpening in images, the images shot with 2x zoom look like images shot with digital zoom. The pro mode has issues as well. It still needs a lot of improvements and is no where close to even Lumia 525.  BTW what are the issues you are facing? plz nokia mobile, fix these issues.

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My issues are the same as you have. The camera app needs a big overhaul.

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I also have a few issues with the Pro Mode. The fastest shutter speed we can set in manual mode is just 1/500 which is way lower than 1/16000 on my Lumia 1320. also tge exposure can just go +2 or - 2 which 1 less than that on Lumias. The focus range in manual/auto mode is also not great. we can take macrp shots going very close to the object. I have to keep 4-5" gap between the phone and the object for the camera to focus. No one is talking about this issues and I dont know why. 
Absolutely the 2x optical zoom captured image is too grainy looks like digital zoom. Need immediate fix.

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 the 2x lens i think, isn't as good as the wide angle. the images are flat without depth. this is a hardware issue and i'm not sure how far sofrware can fix this problem. i have Zeiss lenses on my proper camera, and the 2x lens is not Zeiss standard.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think the 2nd camera is even used for the 2x zoom. I've tried to cover it with my finger and zoomed. There is no difference at all. I think is just uses digit zoom. Only the main camera is used. It only seems to be used for the bokeh.

 I have not actually covered up a lens in the bokeh mode to try that out, so i could be wrong also. I also believe that phone companies putting camera manufacturer names on their phones is more a marketing ploy. for instance, Huawei P10 has a Leica camera. the P10 lite does not, but the photos from the p10 lite are as good as the p10, except it doesn't have the bokeh mode. Is huawei really manufacturing a totally different camera module for the p10 and lite? that would make no economic sense. it's all in the software to create these image 'looks'. The Nokia 7+ photos aren't as good as the Lumia 1020 photos, and that's a shame. It's giving Zeiss a bad name.

Agreed, the camera is pathetic. A bit of low on light, and it becomes way too grainy and dark. With apertures supported as low as 1.75 and 2.2 that shouldn't be the case. Try out Open Camera app and see if it helps out. I have just installed it and experimenting. Will update my experience soon. 

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I just tried Open Camera. What a difference compared to the Nokia camera app. From the few pictures I took I can see a big difference. This is how the Nokia app should be. You can just adjust about everything and the photo's are excellent. This unlocks the true capabilities of the camera!

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