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Issues after updating to Oreo 8 in the UK

I have managed to update my Nokia 3 in the UK after following another thread by taking our the sim first, doing a factory reset and then using a VPN to Finland to get the update.

The phone is now on 8.0 with the May security update but I can't get any mobile data and the screen now freezes.

No matter when changes I make in the mobile data settings, it won't connect to anything unless I am on Wifi, which means things like Android Auto, maps, FB etc won't work away from Wifi.

Any ideas on how to fix these issues or if not, how to revert back to 7.1.1?

Many thanks in advance.

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I'm glad someone else tried this considering the Nokia 3 in question belongs to my mum. You could try XDA Developers and you may need to unlock the bootloader and root the phone then flash the stock ROM and unroot it but I'm not sure how you would do this on a Nokia 3 or even where you would get the stock ROM from in the first place.

This is the section of XDA that may help:

 Thank you will check it out. I am glad you haven't done the upgrade on your Mums phone. It is now useless as a a phone. It can't connect to mobile data and as soon as you leave wifi coverage, the screen and apps freeze, until you are back in wifi range. I wonder if these are the reasons we have got the update in the UK?

I will move back to my Lumia 650 me thinks.

So am I, I noticed that they do have stock recovery and stock ROMs on XDA for the Nokia 3 so I hope those help resolve the issue you're having. I also asked which variant they are for, the TA-1032 or TA-1020. I agree, I would assume that HMD have had issues with the Oreo update for the TA-1020 which is likely to be why it hasn't been released here yet.

Not sure what is going on with this Nokia 3, but I have found a work around for the mobile data issue on 8.0 with the May update. Not ideal, but if the WiFi is on and you move out of coverage, the mobile data doesn't work, but if you turn off the WiFi, then turn on/off the Aeroplane mode, the mobile data reappears. The downside is you need to do this every time you leave WiFi coverage. Hopefully there will be an update soon, but least I can use the mobile again out and about for Social Media, Emails and Sat Nav etc.

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 Update this morning: The phone is now working perfectly and rejoins the mobile data automatically when out of WiFi coverage. Hopefully it is now going to be stable going forwards.

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