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Fast Charging

After the May security update in nokia 7 plus( indian unit), fast charging is not supported. i am the only one who is facing this problem or everyone.

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I'm also facing the same even everyone is facing this problem with N7+

Yup same problem here.B4 update fast charging worked even when screen was on now it does not fast charge when screen is on and it charges a little faster when screen is off but not QC 3.0 fast.

I m facing this problem.

Same here, just got the phone 2 weeks ago and am on May update. Fast Charging doesnt work even with stock charger. Even tried the Lumia 950 18W charger but full charge still takes 3 hours.. 

Guys fast charging working only if phone is in idle state. If you are using the phone while charging then fast charging will not work.

@Ramasha Yes we know it charges faster with screen off but even then its not charging as quickly as it did before the May update. B4 the May update the phone quick charged even with the screen on, screen off or in any other situation. Connect charger and it fast charged the phone always. The May update has broken fast charging.

Just to add some more context, although i don't know the pre-may update behavior as i just got the phone I noticed that online reviews point to around 90 to 100 min time frame for a full 100% charge with fast charging for the nokia 7 plus.
I have kept the phone switched off and charged it with the stock charger that came with the phone and it still takes over 2.2 hours to full charge.

While the phone is turned on but not being used while charging i was able to find that the charge current never exceeds 1000mA (as per AccuBattery app).

The charger & cable isn't the issue because my Redmi note 5 pro that has a 4000mA battery and also supports fast charge does a full charge in 90 minutes on the same charger.

I dont see any mention online of this behavior being reported or identified though which is weird. I even sent out an e-mail to the Support folks here at Nokia and was asked to try changing charger / do a safe mode boot and if issue is still there visit the service center. I've done the safe mode bit and still the same behavior. I guess next stop is the service center.. will post updates once i go there but might be a week or two.

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