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Loudspeaker problem

After all updates I see my phone loudspeaker not working same time and produce low sound as well. So I decided to visit nearest area service centre. In the return of service what I get downgrade the operating system. And advise that don't update your phone ever. So please tell me what update for?? If this creating problem.

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I know oreo update has shitty bug
I have the same problem. I hope to fix it soon.
Our speaker is confirmed to be screwed on oreo, it's either we roll back to nougat or wait for android p. I'll wait for android p and see what happen since nokia 6 is on the list of getting android p.
Hi guys some one can inform Nokia developers. It is awful to contact them . Lineage os managed to fix awful Oreo sound noise some how . Oreo bug is relevant to all Oreo phones unless you have your own audio engine. I highly recommend Nokia to develop their own system level audio engine for their every Android phone since audio framework from Google is too good to be true I.e you know how great it sound on your ear.
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