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Please help me find these settings

I've recently replaced a Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE551KL, Android 6) with a Nokia 6.1 (Android 8) and there are a couple features I couldn't find, so I thought I would ask for help. 

  1. Send all calls to voicemail that are from numbers that aren't in my contacts. The setting was called "block unknown calls". This is the important one, I would really like to have this again.
  2. Not as important, but on the Zenfone, the icons would show useful information, like the calendar's day was the correct day instead of "31", the clock app showed the correct time, and the batter app showed the current charge and estimated time in the icon. I thought maybe it was removed from Android, but then I compared with someone who has a Google Pixel and Android 8, and they still have it, so how do I turn that on in the Nokia 6.1?
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