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Nokia 3 problem after May security update.

Since the May security update couple of days back I'm facing a strange problem. After the download when I restart the phone the phone gives a 'update failure' message. It gives an option to either 'retry' or 'factory reset' option. Then if I select the 'retry' option, the whole data gets deleted from the phone. Only the apps are reinstalled but I have to sign in to all the apps one by one. Only the data in my SD card is safe.

Tech Wizard

Hello, firstly backup all your important data on your internal storage then choose the option to 'factory reset' the phone instead of the 'retry' option when prompted after the restart of the phone . After that try to download the May Security patch again after the factory reset and try installing security patch again. Thank you.

I had the same issue. After updating, android rebooted, threw an error with the message com.mediatek.ims crashed, rebooted again and all my apps had their settings deleted. After that, the update worked fine and the phone is on the May patch level, but the damage had already been done. Some things are still there, like WiFi credentials.

Posting about making a backup is not very constructive, most apps do this already by logging in again. The issues here is that a security patch is breaking phones, Nokia should investigate.

Tech Wizard

Hello,@smeeze yes many users are suffering from this same problem with the May Security Patch. Well I am just a normal user like you. I don't work for Nokia :) . And there is nothing wrong with suggesting to backup because some might not know about these stuff or just simply forget it sometimes and its always good to be on the safe side. Yes and I agree with you, Nokia should look into this and come up with a solution or at least give some reply about these problems. Thank you.
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