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Damaged Screen

Just two weeks and my phone's screen has been damaged with a minimum of impact. The gorilla Glass in the product description is totally untrue. Gutted and no help from Nokia care as well.

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it's true:( same here. is it possible that it's not a gorilla glass 3? I thought Nokia wants to offer quality products... anyone from Nokia please reply

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Gorilla glass is not shatter proof, it's only scratch resistant. It's very unfortunate though.

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Gorilla glass 3 is very much shatter prone as compared to 4 or 5, it has no amount of bendability. One of the let downs of Nokia 7 Plus
Yes totally true. I bought it yesterday only and it dropped from not more than 2ft and damaged . Can any body help me how to fix it? Or is it covered under warranty ? It is only been one day since I bought it .it's really disappointing.

GG3 is more resistant to scratches than GG4 or GG5, but also more prone to breakage. Check new Jerry Rig Everything video about Nokia 7 Plus.

I have faced same problem.a single slip from hand about 2 feet height & the glass broken from the bottom right corner through the width of phone.

 same problem here

it should be marked as a defective design issue

the metal frame is too hard and it stresses the glass too much

mine cracked just falling from the trousers pocket while sitting at hte dining table



the fact there as so many people facin this issue means it's a design issue

Nokia should take care of this


plus right now there aren't compliant replacement part for this model yet, so repairing it would turn into extra money for Nokia....thus it's their fault the design is so poor

never had such a problem with smartphone previously, using smarphones since 2010

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