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Damaged Screen

Just two weeks and my phone's screen has been damaged with a minimum of impact. The gorilla Glass in the product description is totally untrue. Gutted and no help from Nokia care as well.

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it's true:( same here. is it possible that it's not a gorilla glass 3? I thought Nokia wants to offer quality products... anyone from Nokia please reply

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Gorilla glass is not shatter proof, it's only scratch resistant. It's very unfortunate though.

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Gorilla glass 3 is very much shatter prone as compared to 4 or 5, it has no amount of bendability. One of the let downs of Nokia 7 Plus
Yes totally true. I bought it yesterday only and it dropped from not more than 2ft and damaged . Can any body help me how to fix it? Or is it covered under warranty ? It is only been one day since I bought it .it's really disappointing.

GG3 is more resistant to scratches than GG4 or GG5, but also more prone to breakage. Check new Jerry Rig Everything video about Nokia 7 Plus.

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