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Loose fitting usb

Anyone else noticed how loose fitting the usb cable is? Compared to my Moto g5s and Xperia X compact which snap in place nicely. Sometimes I get the little beep when you connect or disconnect the cable, obviously I mean when I'm moving the phone about, otherwise the connection is fine. It's the stupid curved edge which means the cable doesn't seat to the phone body flush which then allows for movement....if I keep this shoddy phone I might get a Qi wireless receiver pad which would or should drastically reduce potential movement of the usb connection, I already have a Qi charge plate which I used on my iPhone 7 with a mophie Qi charging enabled case ....and my Samsung s7 but I no longer have those phones

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Yes.., I'm too facing the same problem (loosely fitting USB cable). Not sure is this normal didn't face the issue with my previous phone. Are you still using the same cable or tried changing it?
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