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After sale support

Purchased Nokia 7 Plus phone with NOKIA brand value for its quality and service but unfortunately this time it is completely failed.

After unboxing phone found hardware issue and after 2 weeks still it is not replaced and NOKIA is not giving refund for faulty product.

After sale support in India is pathetic, No one is listening or caring their customer.

Phone call support saying we cant help because e-commerce team will respond you over the email

Emails are not getting responded after 72 hours

Support chat support is not sharing correct information

If this is Nokia after sale support then its better to go with other brands.

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Hi. Totally agree support is useless . 5 /6 days if you get a reply then it's not helpful as it ends with more useless questions. This is my second and last Nokia love the brand but they need to sort out the below par customer service .

 i agree. it makes no logical sense why i love this brand. their customer support is horrific. having said that, while i was still living in hong kong, the support there was brilliant. repairs were fast and done well. anything wrong they'd look at it straight away and give you a time they'd have it fixed. i think this is down to the city you're in because any service in hong kong is like this. but since moving to australia, service is pathetic and this is reflective of everything else in australia.

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