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How can i roll-back android p beta to android orio?

Please give a solution about roll back. I don't want to stay with p beta. Please help me.

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Same steps but with different zip (download from same page). Easy.

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I tried to roll back with same process but after P-beta update my sd card not supporting that's why i can't follow the same process, plz give me a right solution. Help me about sd card unsupported issue also.
Try formatting the SD card in your device first.
Use adb tools and downloqd the o rom then same process
Please give me Official Oreo rom download link
Can we use Android p as daily driver?,I like the gestures Login. It shows My Devices Devices that you’ve added to your account will be listed here. Click on a device to view actions currently available for that phone, such as requesting preview builds. Below it shows two options 1.Install manually 2.Manual Roll back Click manually roll back then, Accept the terms and download the rom file (1.2GB) In nokia 7 plus Go to about phone and click build number 7 times then go to developer options in system. Enable oem unlocking and usb debugging. BACKUP ALL YOUR DATA,CALL LOGS,PHOTOS ETC.. Download adb tools extract it and install it (PC)remember the installation location of the Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder. Open Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder. Then copy and paste the downloaded oreo rom in to Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder then rename it as oreo. Then Open (cmd-here.exe) in Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder. Then connect your mobile to the pc Allow debugging 1.write command as adb devices it shows list of devices with some alphabets and numbers plus it shows (device ) means its correct if it shows as ? Please allow debug in nokia 7 plus. Then write the commands (adb reboot recovery click enter) Your phone goes to turn off state and then it shows a (no command) line on screen. 2.then press power + volume up button then on nokia 7 plus screen it shows android recovery and options as ->reboot system now ->reboot to bootloader ->apply update from adb ->wipe data/factory reset ->mount/system ->view recovery logs ->run graphics test ->power off (use volume keys for up and down then power button as selection of the option) Click wipe data/factory reset for clean installation of android os, 3.Then select apply update from adb 4.Then write (adb sideload or (adb sideload yourfilename as in minimal adb folder. Wait upto 15minutes then dont worry for on screen errors. See the percentage shows on cmd.

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After the 'adb reboot recovery' command, I get the screen with the android lying on is back showing 'no command'.

What do I do then & when do I push or release buttons? I simply can't get to the 'recovery and options' screen.

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