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Scratches on screen

I have bought a Nokia 7 Plus one week ago, and for my surprise in the short period there have appeared a number of scratches on the screen. This shocks me a bit as this phone has received the same treatment as previous ones, I am careful but not too careful, and others screens performed quite better. Have you perceived the same with your phones? Is it possible that the phone has a kind of coating on the screen that peels off?

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I have unfortunately found the same thing with my phone - just over a week after I received it, I have a number of scratches on the screen alongside a larger visible scratch. I'm very disappointed with this, given it is meant to have the same screen protection (Gorilla Glass 3) as my previous phone, which has literally no scratches on it after a year of similar usage.

I'm disappointed also. I don't know if the phone has gorilla glass 3 protecting it but I have the same thing happened to my phone.

Ri8 my phone also got noticeable scratches on the screen and idk how it happens
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