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Front camera's resolution only 4mp in 3rd app

Hi, Don't know why the resolution of front cam is limited as 4mp in 3rd party camera app such as open camera, Google camera... I am using the Hong Kong version, TA-1062, which is already updated to Oreo 8.1

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Well on specs sheet it says 16mp,coming from a rn5pro in latest and looking at the pics of this phone from front cam this doesn't look to be a 16mp cam shoots even in Nokia's default software,the pics are dull,and one thing I don't understand why does it have to take opposite shots ,I had to change the settings to mirror the images to be saved to get correct pics,in settings I have also set the front cam to 16mp 4:3 ratio,the front cam is a bit of an issue here
Many ppl in xda forum stated same problem in 3rd camera app
Improvement needed in camera. Old Nokia Phones were famous for there camera but nokia 7 plus camera is not good. Nokia please Improve the camera in next update

the CameraCharacteristics API returns the max. resolution of front camera is 2304*1728.

the resolution of front camera from official camera app is 4608*3456 which is double on each side.

is it possible that the actual hardward is only 4mp and nokia just upscale to 16mp?

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