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Telephoto lens issue........

Hello frends.. check one thing.. Open camera n tap 2x zoom Then try coverings telephoto lens... Is the camera viewfinder still on... ???? In my device it is still showing like before Means tele lens is not usable at 2x Plz check..or I might have faulty device..

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I've mentioned this in another post. If I use 2x zoom and cover it, nothing changes. I do believe it is only used for the bokeh effect. It is not used for the 2x zoom. I believe the zoom is digital. Not sure where I heard it being a telephoto lens first, but I've read it and heard about it multiple times. Don't believe it to be true. I think people just assumed it. But I'll have to check Nokia's website to see if they say it.

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Or it is optical, but it's not using the second camera

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Sometimes it works with tele lense too after continuously tapping on 1x n 2x but mostly not ... The camera app needs to be updated asap...
The 2nd lens is actually telephoto lens but most probably due to a software bug in the camera app, it sometimes switches to the telephoto and sometimes doesn't on going into 2x zoom mode. A new bug comes up on each passing day.

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I can confirm that. I replied to the post before the 8.1 update. I've done it just now. And now it is using the telephoto lens

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Will it be fixed...?? How can I report back to nokia officials..
This is a bug... When we pressed 2x option its use digital zoom but after focusing by hand it moved into 2nd telephoto lens.

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@Laura @Anna plz check this out. We need a fix for this issue. The camera can't switch to 2X optical zoom. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Plz, forward this to the concerned department.

Thank you. :)

After analysing i found that the telephoto lens work only in outdoor side i means it can focus on object which a far away and if we use this lens or 2x in indoor it can't focuses on near objects so camera use digital zoom.
I've just tested what Keshav said and I think he is right. That happened to me

The telephoto lens works only when there is proper lighting. Indoor or outdoor does not matter. I did a thorough test in it. Tap on the 2x zoom and point at a direction where light source is there, and the telephoto lens will work.

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