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Dual volte or dual 4g?

Does this phone support dual volte or dual 4g? After the update to latest 2.22 version as I can't see a enhanced calling option on second sim,also when going into the engineering mode by *#*#4636#*#* it shows only one sim card config option why?

Be assured that this phone supports dual volte. There maybe some bug that's why only sim 1 is showing enhanced calling option.

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Agree Puneet ,I just popped in 2 Jio Sims and indeed volte was available on both,I guess Vodafone Maharashtra has some issues still

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Yes Sameer you are right. It is Vodafone's issue that it is not able to provide VoLTE on Nokia 7 plus. I am chasing Vodafone since last 26 days and still they are not able to enable VoLTE on this device. I will update in this forum once they come up with some solution.

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I dont think that vidafone Maharashtra has issue , before the dual 4g volte update , Vodafone is showing 4g VoLte on my device . After update its broken .
Ok Ajit ,I am trying to get hold of Vodafone official too let's see

 In my case Vodafone VoLTE was not working even before software upgrade.

Same here Amit
Ok guys I just received a call from Vodafone representative 1.volte services are rolled out in Maharashtra and Goa circle. per Vodafone system the Nokia 7 plus doesn't support volte. Now this is really surprising

Hi Sameer they are making you fool like they are doing with me since last 21 days. Ask them if Nokia 7 plus doesn't support VoLTE, why it is mentioned on your website. Also mail attached picture to them on these mail ID,,

Also tweet to Vodafone IN and DOT mentioning the whole issue.


As per my understanding of technology , mobile oem produce general modems . Nokia need to push sw improvements to overcome this issue. My another device Moto X play supports the Vodafone Volte on same sim card . Please correct me if I am wrong.
It maybe on both the ends the OEM as well as the service provider,I am also having Redmi 5a which is supported by Vodafone system but still I am not getting any volte signals,so I have requested the Vodafone guys to enable the service on the number,this was said by the Vodafone representative for Redmi 5a
Let me get the service enabled on the number and check on Redmi 5a,then will also check in n7plus,I will wait till tomorrow evening

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Hi Ajit Bagal, Nokia 7 plus supports VoLTE out of the box. I tested it with Jio, Airtel and Idea sim cards.

Vodafone needs to add configuration(Some binary files) of Nokia 7 plus at their end.

Ok on one of the numbers volte is enabled I will check and report back
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