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a little disappointed

many hardware problems I was not expecting this I thought that being the second jerenacion already would be all solved but I see that I'm not starting to feel sorry for bought and another thing where I deigned grabbed if the main camera I thought it would be better than last year worse or is I do not even want to be zoomed because the photo but can not go out alone I hope you finish polishing the hardware and that you do a sweeping of your camera application to get better picture when you zoom

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 yeah, same. updates are making it better slowly, but really wish early adopters didnt have to almost beta test the product

this is a shame on the part of hmd what is messing up the good name of Nokia I've always trusted Nokia but I'm not doing it I'm thinking of selling my phone as hmd do not take a good refreshing that corrects all the problems that have what It bothers me that they havece they talk to me on WhatsApp and the mobile does not ring and there is more people with that problem aside, it is slow for the processor that has that, not to mention the other problems that tss has

I've also felt that the phone feels slow for a Snapdragon 630 phone at times. When it's running great it's really snappy, but when it's lagging it feels like a 400 series phone like the Moto G I used to have..

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