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Abnormal Activities

I'm facing some abnormal activities on my phone when i using it. some apps automatically stopped. some apps not work properly sometimes. plz fix it. tell me what can i do now!

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NOKIA 5 has serious RAM management issues.

I tried everything... finally a FACTORY RESET.

Same problems!

With only Google Earth running, the system becomes NON RESPONSIVE after a few minutes of use... UI CRASHES and a reboot is mandatory

I've had enough. Going to return this "brick" on monday.

Similar situation here. Eurosport app on live transmission crashes be it on wifi or data with H+ or LTE. It might be the RAM as these apps require more memory than others. So a 2 GB RAM phone is not a good phone if it runs Android. I compare this Nokia phone with a Nokia 620 which had 500 MB but ran windows mobile 8.1.

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