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No update

Well i've been using android P for almost two weeks now. I have seen a lot of bugs in the software and have given a lit of feedbacks. I was expecting that we would receive some updates for the bug issues but there's no response from Nokia whatsoever. A response or a time window within which to expect the update should be given.

Tech Wizard

Hello, the Android P you are using is a Developer Preview 2 which Google distributed to handful of devices including Nokia 7 Plus so that it would be easy for developers to work on their apps and prepare it for the new Android P. It is not meant for general user and contains a lot of bug if you are going to use it as a daily driver. So, the Nokia Beta Labs and Developer Preview are different things. The final official version of Android P will be released by Google after a couple of months and after that Nokia may start Nokia beta labs for their phones which are meant for normal users. However if you are a developer and using it to test your apps on the new OS platform then Developer Preview 3 is will be available this June. This Developer Preview 3 won't fix all the bugs but will add new features for the developers to play around and integrate with their apps. Thank you.

So will we receive ota updates or will we have to flash the updates again ?

Tech Wizard

Hello @user1526756072037, I think you have to flash the updates again. Thank you.

@wilson shrestha is it a confirmed coz I would love to have the os thru ota it's annoying to have to reinstall apps and data

Tech Wizard

Hello, Yup that's how it is supposed to work since its a Developer Preview from Google. My advice is to wait for the stable Android P release then you can sign up for Nokia Beta Labs and get the more bug free OTA update from Nokia and contribute to Beta labs. Maybe they will completely skip the beta labs for Nokia 7 Plus. I'm not sure. But, I suggest you to not to use these developer preview as a daily driver on your phone since there are many bugs and some may affect your daily use extensively. If you are a developer or its your spare device then you can use it. Thank you.

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