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Current issues facing with Nokia 8.. HELP

1. Screen burning issue. No fix as of now. After using the phone for 20 minn or more i can see pale red colored box from the center of my screen. Very annoying when pulling the notification bar down. is very slow. Getting camera error 'cant connect to camera ' 3.potrait Pictures taken on bokeh mode. Upon zooming will be cut into landscape mode that too not properly allighned . 4. Installed may security patch. But these issues with the phone are from beginning. Is this defective unit . I have been using the phone for past 3 months and the results are same. Let me know if i need to visit my preciuos time visiting pathetic Nokia service centera after paying my hard earned cash just because i was a stupid fan of Nokia. I was a loyal fan all these years. Previous phones L830 which spend like 30k and was having a camera error which was then the service center guys itself told like its a manufacturing defect and they discontinued the device. Even then i havent learned a lesson from Nokia. But this time truley annoyed , frustrated and started to hate this brand because of supporting nokia from dust by spending another 30k for this stupid nokia 8 so called flagship. If you truley care your customers then kindly do something for the customers who supported by launching the fix instead of releasing new bakwaas phones and abandoning the later. All of my friends suggested to go with iphone 6s since both fall under the same price category but i made my choice to Nokia 8 believing it would be fantastic phone and i was utterly wrong. Expecting a reply from officials regarding this matter

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Hi there! Screen burning is only seen on OLED and not possible for IPS screens as to my knowledge. Nokia 8 is fitted with qhd ips screen. What you are bothered should be image retention. And yes, I do have the same problem, especially on the screen sides. Weird pale red strips remains. This can obe observed better when the night light mode is active. For camera, yes, it has lag especially under low light. Sometimes image is captured after 3-4 seconds. Nightmare for a so-called flagship device. They promised to release a camera app update for zeiss optic fitted devices months ago, but so far nothing.

For now use a different camera app.

Please suggest a good alternative camera app for nokia 8
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