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Android 8.1 IS HERE!!!

Just downloaded and installed my first software update for my Nokia 7 plus. And no I'm not in India! I'm in the UK! Android 8.1 OS April 2018 security update. It looks like the Android One programme is being kept to and my trust in Nokia continues. Also in other news... I love this phone!

I'm in the UK too and got it yesterday. I also got the May patch immediately after I installed 8.1/April patch. Having to wait so long to get the updates compared to other countries was annoying, but the speed of the updates was much quicker than other OEMs, so yeah I trust Nokia still.
JUST ALSO RECEIVED MAY 2018 SECURITY UPDATE TOO. 5 minutes after the April one.
Is there any issues with the phone after updating, also is 8.1 classed as a major update meaning it will only update to android 9 and no further.
I'm also in the UK but still stuck on 8.0 Feb update, which TA model do you have and what network are you on? I have 1055 on BT/EE. I thought the whole point of Android One is that updates are not carrier dependent, but read other posts stating having to change SIM card or using VPN to get the update. I'm rather disappointed coming from a Nexus 6P where updates are actually available when they are released.
My model is TA-1055 and my network is Three. You don't have to change sim card or do a VPN to get it because I didn't and I got the update. Oreo 8.1 and May security release. I would give it a few days. And it sounds funny but try turning the phone off and on again. Not restart, actual off and on.
@user1527840020113 I'm with BT/EE and EE take me longer to allow updates. I'm thinking of going to which is owned by three network. I took my sim out and put a O2 sim in and the update was there.

Tried taking the BT SIM out, turned phone off and back on, still no update.

I finally gave in and dug out a O2 PAYG SIM that I have in the bottom of the drawer and inserted it, not even a reset is needed and I got an update straight away.

Why does the mobile network matter? Annoyed that Android One isn't working as I thought re updates, and why is BT/EE blocking the update?

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Yeah, I'm finding it quite irritating that in the UK (maybe other countries), that if you're on the EE network (so EE/BT/Virgin/Plusnet etc.), the updates simply aren't there. I'm still stuck on 8.0.0 and the February patch.

I was under the impression that the Android One program and having a Sim Free unlocked phone, means I should get updates whenever they're available, obviously not :(

Can any one confirm whether swapping the Sim card, say to an O2 or Three, does any 'weird' stuff to your account/phone. I just didn't want my mobile web and Google Account being changed to different settings and a new phone number etc.? What about apps like WhatsApp/Signal etc. do they freak out that your number has changed?

Got my 7 plus yesterday sim free I'm on ee network stuck on 8.0 no update, so I bought a three network payg sim for £1 put it in and it updated to 8.1 within 5mins so ee defoe putting the block on to 8.1 don't no why.

It seems to be EE SIM for me that is problem, swapped in a GIFF GAFF update happened with no other special moves. :-) EE SIM back in works fine so far.

I have not tried the other suggestions :-(

I've had no issues swapping my BT sim for a O2 sim just for the update

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Thanks GEMINI75, I might give it a go then soon with my Three Sim :)

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