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Camera App

I really like the design and quality of my nokia 5 body. only there is a disadvantage that is unfortunate is the quality of the camera. we know the camera can still be improved only with the software. proven that if we use app google pixel camera result is very much better than stock camera nokia. I was want to sell this nokia 5 but I still hope nokia immediately improve the quality of its camera app. please nokia ...

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Install gcam mod cstark 7 from XDA and be happy until they fix it.

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right. but still not able to record video.. randomly app crash

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I tried several (Google Camera - not available on GPlay) and PARANOID camera.

Google Camera is better, but still not ok. Paranoid could not SAVE the pictures...

STOCK android is nice but i think next phone i will go for an optimized android. This nokia 5 i have is a totally waste of my time... :|

Users just want something that WORKS, using this phone has been a nightmare from day 1 :\

Even this forum does not work... replied in an extensive way just to get an ERROR posting!

This reflects the quality of the Nokia phones...

I still believe in nokia especially from the quality of the hardware. channel youtube jerryrigeverything just chose nokia as the strongest smartphone for the year 2017. so i still put big hope on nokia for software repair and other innovation in general both from hardware department and software. at least for the camera sector first to be fixed. I heard google has opensource its pixel camera AI technology. so this should be a great opportunity for all smartphone manufacturers especially nokia to dominate the market with a more capable camera capabilities. I as a user feel bored with the rush of Chinese smartphones. It is true that their smartphone features are amazing but does nokia keep unflinching seeing their product rush? they do not even have a big brand like nokia. so once again please nokia at least immediately improve the quality of the camera software for all its smartphone product line. Please Nokia merge your camera engine which gives best colour output with pixel camera api. @Laura please forward it to Nokia development team and CPO

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Nokia is Google's partner so I believe both can help eachother in camera

i believe nokia would be crowned once again as a king in smartphone market if the camera as good as google pixel. No need to follow the trend that all has a notch. Nokia has all: relatively cheap, strong body, great hardware, fan based, except the quality of camera software. Come on nokia, make us proud to show this phone to others.

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