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Screen flickering on low brightness

Whenever in low brightness I scroll up and down the YouTube videos (also occurs when scrolling through the app drawers on lowest brightness) I've noticed on certain set points the screen changes its brightness all together . Even while watching movies if some particular region of movie is well lit the screen flickers , I even went back restarted the app, the phone ,but the issue still persists it was happening in the April update and even now in the may update.

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I observed this issue in may update only.
I've noticed it from the moment I unboxed my unit but didn't think of it as an issue until yesterday.
Yes in may update....I noticed the same issue.... Pls pls fix in June update
I too posted about this issue. It seems like a software bug and it happens everywhere. It is as if the software is unable to maintain the brightness levels set by the user.

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Even I have this issue. While typing(not sliding finger on keyboard) fast in low brightness, the screen appears like it's flickering. Is this a common issue?

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I have the same problem issue.please fix it on next update

Please let me know if the problem is solved in july update or it still exists.
It exists for me
when will nokia fix it?It is so annoying.
Guys.go to developer settings.and turn on disable HW overlays.and it will solve.I tried this and it's works
It works only in 0℅ brightness.After increasing the level,again display flickers while playing videos on youtube.
Guys after pie installation my problem is 90% solved... So guys this is software issues??? Plzz tell me either i change display my phone is in warranty
I'm on Oreo with the latest patch the issue was really noticeable at first (4 months ago) but now this issues solved so basically it's a software thing no need to change the display cheers.

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Now u using pie?
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