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Nokia 7 plus got bent in it's structure

Hi, I recently purchased my Nokia 7 plus from and it was a pre order purchase. Now I noticed that it got bent. Is itcause of just keeping in the pocket??? Please I need a resolution or new phone....How is it being advertised as built to last?

Note to self. Don't keep a mobile phone in your back pocket and keep sitting on it as it will bend.

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Hi GEMINI75 Did I mention anywhere that I kept my phone in back pocket?? I always keep it in my front pocket. The quality is really not as expected. It got bent now. Note to GEMINI75: Please stop answering something not related. I m a victim that I spent 25,999 rupees and my phone is not as expected.
Can you please explain how does it happened? Please share a photo, really excited to see how did that "bent" look like, by just simply keeping in pocket, cause even cheap Chinese phones don't bent by keeping in pocket. Please share photo
Hi I couldn't add pics and any shared link here in the comment. If u can tell me any way to send pics, i will do it right away.
You can share links, just copy and paste link from Imgur or reddit or Twitter

Yes Mr. Kumar... We request please upload the picture and share with us. It is a serious concern. We will be careful as well...

That doesn't look straight, also observed seperated back frame near headphone jack like a back case on second pic... despite it's made of single block of aluminium no way it's removable only way is to remove screen, mine was fused with copper borders on headphone socket... i also tried my best to bent my phone but failed it don't even feel like it'll it's definitely a faulty device better to get replacement asap

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user1525788304826 what you are referring as 'separated back frame near headphone jack' I think that's actually an illusion because of the light reflection. As you said you tried to bend your own phone, did you really try to do that? and how did you perform that bend test for yourself? But as we see in his shared pictures his phone got a serious damage but in the picture we see that the phone is not chipped anywhere and so we can assume that the phone didn't drop from anywhere. So I personally think NOKIA should immediately handle this matter in high priority and solve the issue at the earliest.

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You can see by zooming the pic or maybe not, it's look like seperated for me. With hands LoL
Please anyone from Nokia kindly respond to this issue and give a solution.
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